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Fifth Column Fears in Kingston

A few years ago I carried out some research on wartime fears about ‘Fifth Column’ activities in Richmond-on-Thames, Surrey, and the extraordinary degree of paranoia that gripped some of the local townspeople at the time about the possible activities of … Continue reading

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Did History undermine Le Pen? Some brief thoughts

Did history and memory of the past play a key role in undermining the French far right last weekend? There was certainly a huge sigh of relief across Europe when it became clear last Sunday (7th May, 2017) that Marine … Continue reading

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Winston and the Aliens: Churchill believed in extra-terrestrial intelligence

Take us to your leader. A newly-discovered typewritten essay written by former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill appears to show how he anticipated later findings about the conditions required for the existence of alien life in other galaxies. The unpublished 11-page … Continue reading

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