Cultural Histories@Kingston

Cultural Histories @ Kingston (CHK) is an interdisciplinary research group based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University. Centred around the concept of the ‘cultural text’, the group includes scholars from the fields of literature, film, media, history, music, dance, performance, and journalism, who are brought together by a shared interest in the way in which narratives – written, visual, and performative – shape and have shaped individual and communal experience, material culture, and everyday life.

The group is concerned both by how these diverse narratives describe cultural identities, and the contribution they make to how such identities are formed, engaging both with the role of the cultural text and the conditions of its production. Extending from the past, to the present, and to future culture, the group is engaged in research that historicises cultural practices from Early Modern culture to the present, and that situates current and future practices within the contemporary cultural moment. A particular feature in these terms are concerns for questions of social justice, and how gendered, racial, religious, ethnic and sexual identities are both produced through, and reflective of, texts as cultural forms.

CHK hosts regular lectures and events, which are open to all. You can follow CHK on Twitter, like our Facebook page, or check out our site on Kingston FASS here.



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