Centre for The Historical Record

The CHR was launched in 2011 to promote collaborative research and knowledge exchange between historians, archivists, museum curators, heritage providers and members of the public with an interest in history. It has strong links with organizations and professional bodies in the field of public history and runs seminars and public events on a wide variety of subjects from digitizing archives to using social media for research and talks by high profile public historians.

The CHR also specializes in digitizing historical records with help from volunteers and is home to a number of major research projects including a database of nineteenth-century Children’s Hospital records. We are currently working with the British Red Cross to digitize Voluntary Aid Detachment records that detail the service of both ordinary, and some more famous, people during World War 1. For more on these see our Projects pages.

If you would like to know more about the CHR or join our team of volunteers please contact Sue Hawkins  or phone 0208 417 2359.

Alexandra Hip Hospital

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