Greg Jenner: Lavish Dramas, Thoughtful Documentaries & Idiots Smeared in Poo

Greg idiot006On the 9th October, Kingston University’s Centre for the Historical Record will be kicking off the new semester with a public talk by Greg Jenner.

We’re really excited to be welcoming Greg to KU, where he will be presenting ‘Lavish Dramas, Thoughtful Documentaries and Idiots Smeared in Poo: Why Making Historical Television is Harder Than You Think’.

Greg is Historical Consultant to CBBC’s multi-award winning Horrible Histories and its multiple spin offs. His first book, A MILLION YEARS IN A DAY, is a cheerful history of daily life since the Stone Age, and is due to be published by Orion for Christmas 2014.

Greg’s talk will explore his decade-long TV career, which has seen him work on historical dramas, documentaries and comedies, all the while wrestling with the problems of low budgets, historical accuracy and the Hollywoodization of documentaries.

I was lucky to share a desk with Greg for a short while when I had a placement at Lion Television during my MA, and his enthusiasm and energy in bringing history to the screen is contagious. Particularly for our final year and MA Public History students, Greg’s talk will give an insight into the reality of working in television and creating history programmes for large public audiences.

The event will take place on the 9th October, 6pm-8pm, in John Galsworthy 0003, Kingston University, Penrhyn Road Campus.

All students, staff and the public are welcome to attend the event, though we must note the lecture is not recommended for children under 14. The event is free, but please register for your free ticket on Eventbrite.

Claire Hayward

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