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Fighting Franco: Commemorating the British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Eighty years ago this month, on 28th October, 1938, the volunteers of the ‘British Battalion’ joined the other volunteer Battalions of the International Brigades (IB) in Spain and held a poignant farewell parade, which included the transfer of their flags and … Continue reading

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Subverting the Subversives: Did MI5 infiltrate the British entertainment industry?

New claims have been put forward that the British domestic Security Service, MI5, was not just involved with monitoring and collecting intelligence on political movements and individuals deemed as potential threats to the state in the post-war period, but was … Continue reading

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Secrets and Spies: Latchmere House in Wartime

I have a fascination with ‘secret history’, especially when it has local connections. During World War Two captured enemy spies were taken to Camp 020, located south-west of London. The Camp was a secret interrogation centre run by MI5, the … Continue reading

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