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New Light on York House, Twickenham

Sometimes the history of a house can throw up all sorts of intriguing information about the past, including how a home can have both a ‘national’ history and also an ‘international’ dimension, drawing together politics, art and culture at various … Continue reading

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A Future Career shaped by a History Degree

At this time of the year, when students are thinking carefully about where to study and what type of degree to pursue, it is good to pause for breath and reflect briefly on the value of studying history and the … Continue reading

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In Defence of History: experts reject criticisms of their field of study

A short while ago I was faced with having to explain to a sceptical audience why it was still important to study the Ancient Greeks and their views of both history and politics. I pointed out that the Athenian thinker … Continue reading

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History as Heritage: UK’s War Memorial Trust celebrates its 20th birthday

As a historian, I have long been fascinated by memorials of all kinds, including the many war memorials that can be found in numerous towns and villages and other locations across the United Kingdom. On many occasions, when visiting some … Continue reading

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