History at Kingston University achieves exceptional National Student Survey results

The History undergraduate Degree at Kingston University has done exceptionally well in this year’s recently released National Student Survey (NSS) results. The results were released by the Office for National Students (OfS).


A History research seminar at Kingston University

The University’s overall satisfaction rate this year jumped from 82.2 per cent, rising from 80.5 per cent in 2018. In History, we achieved an overall satisfaction rate of 93.8 per cent. Moreover, there was 100 per cent recorded for 8 of the questions, making History joint top in the University in all of these areas.

Dr. Jeremy Nuttall, Head of the History Undergraduate programme at Kingston in 2018-19, expressed his delight and offered a ‘well done!’ to the hard-working History teaching team. Similarly, Dr. Marisa Linton, Associate Professor of History and part of the team, also said it was ‘excellent news’ and ‘a great tribute’ to the work Kingston’s Historians have put in this year. It has clearly been strongly appreciated by our students.

As Kingston University’s Vice-Chancellor, Steven Spier, commented in his own assessment of the University’s latest NSS results, ‘Every year, the National Student Survey results provide an invaluable insight into our students’ views on both their campus experience and degree studies’.

The study of History at Kingston has certainly met with the approval of our students. Indeed, as part of the effort to keep Kingston at the forefront, Kingston’s History team have been as busy as ever during 2018-19. In November, 2018, for example, there was a large audience of students and the public to hear three KU Historians, Dr. Sue Hawkins, Dr. John Stuart and Dr. Steven Woodbridge, who each contributed a presentation on the end of the First World World War. This was part of the ‘Modern British Identity’ speaker series for the Cultural Histories at Kingston seminar programme. The latter programme has been organised and directed by Dr. Jeremy Nuttall.

Other sessions in the series this academic year have covered, for example, Manners in the 18th Century, the future of Social Democracy, and the mainstreaming of Black power in 1960s America.

IWM WW1 image

Similarly, the University’s marketing team has made use of special news articles written by Dr. Steven Woodbridge on the 100th Anniversary of the 1918 Armistice, the 75th Anniversary of the D-day landings, and also (when a German bomb was discovered in Kingston recently) on the impact of the ‘Blitz’ on Kingston in World War Two.

Moreover, the scholarly expertise on offer from Kingston’s historians remains in both national and international demand. Dr. Rachael Johnson appeared on British TV to share her knowledge of 18th century leisure and pleasure for a documentary, while Dr. Jeremy Nuttall organised a prestigious and highly-successful book launch and symposium on British politics at the Royal Academy of Arts in London last autumn, which was attended by some key politicians from Westminster.

Dr. Steven Woodbridge gave a paper on fascism at an international conference of British and Italian historians held at SOAS, while Dr. Marisa Linton will be speaking at a conference on the French Revolution at the University of Melbourne in Australia this month.

Dr. Sue Hawkins will also be speaking at a special one-day conference later this month on the role of women in the Great War, an event which will be the culmination of Surrey County Council’s four-year ‘Surrey in the Great War’ project (which also saw one of our History students conduct voluntary work on the project in 2018-19 as part of her enrolment on our Worklink module).

John Galsworthy Building

The strong NSS results achieved by History this year is also a reflection of the quality of the student experience enjoyed by our students and the strong loyalty they often retain after graduation. During the last two years, for example, appreciation of the History team’s innovative blogging module has been demonstrated through a substantial financial prize donated by a former History undergraduate, which this year has been shared by three of our undergraduate students.

All in all, the NSS has reflected the cutting-edge quality of History as a subject at Kingston and the hard work of the History team, who have ensured students remain at the heart of all that we do. Congratulations all round!

(All images: Kingston University and Wikimedia Commons).


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2 Responses to History at Kingston University achieves exceptional National Student Survey results

  1. As a part-time mature student who has spent the last 10 years in the History Department at Kingston studying successively for BA, MA and now a PhD I congratulate the team on the outcome of the survey which is well merited and consonant with my personal experience. As someone who has also attended many of the excellent research seminars referred to in the post it is a continuing source of mystery that the University appears to be allowing such a successful department to wither on the vine and would urge it to rethink before it is too late. Tim Hodgson


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