Dark world of French Revolutionary politics to be dramatised

The success of the BBC’s dramatisation of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall has inspired the broadcaster to dramatise her earlier novel, A Place of Greater Safety, on Radio 4.

The dramatisation starts on Sunday 6th September, 2015, and will be of special interest to Kingston University’s expert on the French Revolution, historian and author Marisa Linton.

Marisa commented: ‘I am curious to hear how Melissa Murray – who wrote the radio dramatisation – has dealt with the demands of conveying fast-moving politics, and whether she has managed to breathe life into the complicated characters. Mantel has a very particular take on her heroes – most of all Camille Desmoulins’.

Marisa has a particular interest in the new drama as she is currently writing a book for Oxford University Press, called Saturn’s Children, which is about four of the leading revolutionaries who feature in Mantel’s novel: Robespierre, Desmoulins, Danton and Saint-Just.

RobespierreMoreover, in the latest edition of the popular BBC History Magazine (no.9, September 2015), which is on sale now, there is an article by Marisa entitled Circle of Terror, which explores in further detail the nature and events of the Terror, and was specially commissioned by the magazine to coincide with the start of the radio dramatisation on BBC Radio-4 this coming Sunday.

Details about Marisa’s new article in the current issue of BBC History Magazine can be found at:


To find out more about these revolutionary leaders, their dramatic lives, passions, fervent beliefs, friendships and enmities, you can also see Marisa’s previous book, Choosing Terror: Virtue, Friendship and Authenticity in the French Revolution (Oxford University Press, 2013), which is now out in paperback, see:


Camille Desmoulins

Camille Desmoulins






Marisa L. Linton is Reader in History at Kingston University

186Linton, Marisa


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