21 Reasons Why I Love Museums

Claire Hayward, Kingston PhD public history student and blogger writes a passionate defence about why museums are important in reply to a recent attack on museums in The Telegraph. Do read it and let us know what you think about museums.

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Last week I read Oliver Smith’s Telegraph piece, 21 Reasons Why I Hate Museums. It was published a few weeks ago but (perhaps luckily) I had missed it. Even though I do agree with Smith on some of the problems he identified, such as the price of temporary exhibitions, and the amount of objects not on display, I can’t understand how he can “hate” them.

I decided to write my own list of why I love museums and tackle some of the reasons he gave. I should point out that these are more related to history museums than art galleries, both of which Smith writes about in his piece.

Please do comment or tweet with any other suggestions of why you love museums.

1. Museums are open to everyone

Regardless of your class, gender, race, religion, ability or sexuality, museums are open to everyone as a cultural and educational experience. They…

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